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Dell extended warranty cost | Dell product warranty Renewal | Dell warranty Australia upgrade Price

Dell laptops & computers are found to be the user’s favorite worldwide. They are highly admired because of the salient features and incredible quality. As it’s just an electronic device, you never know when you start experiencing issues. All manufacturers provide warranties with their products for you to enjoy it without worrying about expensive repairs if it breakdown. However problem starts when that limited warranty gets over and you fear to incur huge repair or replacement bill. That’s where we step in, we can cover you against those costs, if you choose to buy Dell Warranty Renewal or extension through us. Extending or upgrading your existing warranty can benefit you in many ways. Not only it’ll help you in saving tons of money in repair costs, it also helps you stay in your monthly budget.


Pocket-friendly Warranty

We provide the affordable, reliable and timely warranty services let it be for extension or renewal.


Hassle Free

Our services can be availed easily without any inconvenience.


Totally Cashless

To get the warranty extended, you can pay using our online payment methods like debit cards, credit cards, NET Banking etc.

Get the pocket-friendly Dell Computer Warranty Service

You can protect your investment by getting the warranty period of your Dell computer & laptop extended. If you want to keep your system safe for longer & extend or upgrade the warranty then this is the right platform to seek help. No matter it’s your Dell charger, motherboard, monitor or battery, each & every part of your computer needs proper care. If any of these create issues and you’re not eligible to get Annual Maintenance Services then get the Dell Product warranty extended through us. The warranty period provided by us depends on the products you reach us for. Our technical team provides help for the following:

dell extended warranty price

  • Dell Monitor of any model
  • Charger or Adapter
  • Motherboard
  • Battery

No matter what all issues you are facing, getting any of the above-mentioned parts repaired/replaced can literally be expensive! Your battery can overheat; motherboard can fail completely, monitor may have any internal or external issue, and all these things may even force you to get a new product. So, why to go for that & not get the warranty extended? Its wise to have an extended warranty than to run up big repair bills or to go for a new device for that matter.

How an Extended Dell laptop warranty can be beneficial?

While using any electronic gadget, it’s common that people experience many technical problems. Though Dell makes high quality products but it’s always better to have a premium warranty for every product. If you don’t have any extended premium warranty then you will have to pay each & every time to get any software or hardware fixed, repaired or replaced. If you get warranty extended then you just need to pay once for that warranty period and cover yourself from all accidental damages or running repairs. Dell laptop warranty Australia provides the affordable, reliable and easiest way to get the warranties of your products extended. Do you want to know how to reach our technicians?

By reaching us you can get the warranty extended either for a 90-day limited warranty, one-year, 2-years, three-years or a Four years limited warranty. This warranty covers your system’s motherboard, monitor, battery, and adapter.

Compare Dell Warranty Cost Plan



Our most valuable package!

Extended Warranty

  Buy Now Buy Now
Physical or liquid damage Whole device
Completely cashless
Coverage period 1st year of device life Starts on the next day of expiry of manufacturer warranty
Free pickup & drop services
Screen & display damage
Why buy this plan Devices are prone to damage all the time and repairs can cost as much as the device price With all defects and malfunctions covered, use your device for longer
Manufacturing defects & malfunctions
When to purchase Same day that you buy your device Within 6 months of buying your device
Repair or replacement

Grab the Dell warranty extension offer 2019 now and stay happy!

We are third-party service providers offering cost-effective warranty extension & renewal services. We can anytime fill out that form from any corner of the world. Just like human being gets ill anytime and if the illness isn’t cured on time it becomes worse, in electronic devices also any sort of negligence can cause you major consequences. We aim to keep our Dell laptop & Computers users from any sort of technical issues & that’s why we suggest extending the warranty as soon as you realize it’s going to expire! Our Dell extended warranty price is very affordable and pocket-friendly. Warranty extension or renewal not only gives you peace of mind but also saves your money that may spend in replacement. Moreover, just by sitting at your home you can get it done. So, why to give any second thought? When it about your Dell computer or laptop, you must not take any risk.