Extend Dell Battery warranty Online at affordable price

Dell Laptops are found to be the best because of their salient features, services, & durability. But being an electronic gadget it can anytime pop-up problems. One of the common problems found among Dell users is related to Battery. It’s true that when you buy a laptop you get a warranty of a particular time period. But what to do when the online service providers fails to extend the warranty period? What to do to when your laptop starts overheating & you need a battery replacement? Just to help such users we are providing this platform where all the Dell laptop battery warranty related problems can be discussed & fixed. We are third-party online service providers that deal with all sorts of difficulties, no matter how adverse your issues are you will be provided immediate help. We suggested getting the Dell battery warranty extended instead of getting it replaced as it may cost you a lot!

Get the Dell swollen battery warranty extended in no time

There are various reasons behind battery getting swollen. It can be related to overheating, not cleaning the vents on time, spilling of any liquid, any accidental drop of laptop, etc. Given-below are some of the guidelines that you can consider about Dell battery warranty check. If you require immediate assistance, you can discuss with our technicians using our Live Chat services.

Extended Dell Battery warranty
  • Check the warranty status of Dell battery: Please note that batteries are considered consumable items, with time & use, all the batteries degrade. Dell offers different warranties like normally, notebook batteries are covered by 1 year warranty. Also, you can now buy an optional 3 years warranty services. If you wish to know the warranty status you just need the service tag & serial number of your device. In case, you lost it reach our experts.
  • How long does a Dell laptop battery last?: Well, as told above all the rechargble batteries are prone to some issues with time & usage. For the typical user, noticeable decrease in run time which generally observed is after 18 to 24 months. For a power use, reduction in run time may be faced before 18 months. We suggest getting the battery replaced when the run time doesn’t meet your requirements. Our services include Dell laptop battery replacement warranty cost too. So, without giving a second thought get it done, before you start experiencing major issues.

If you have any other extended-battery related queries then send it to our mailbox & get result-oriented responses. Our technical team is always geared up round the clock to provide the satisfactory & fruitful solutions at minimal cost. You can even discuss issues regarding Dell battery warranty policy. We are known for providing cost-effective services & once you reach us you won’t be left empty-handed. There are highly experienced engineers & serving the Dell users for years. We aim to render the timely services so that you can enjoy using your devices without any interruptions.

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Questions & Answers

How Dell battery warranty extension can be beneficial?

Dell laptops are found to be the best but with time & usage its battery starts creating issues. If your Dell laptop’s battery is overheating, it got swollen, discharging very soon or not working at all and the warranty period has also expired that when the Warranty extension helps. It is can be afforded by any user as prices are not too big.

What does the Dell battery warranty extension cover?

If you have just realized that the warranty period of your Dell Laptop’s battery has expired and you need to get it fixed urgently then the best solution is ‘Extending the warranty period’. The warranty renewal services cover physical damage, failure due to overcharging, overheating, battery swells, liquid spilled. Once you buy the warranty update plan, you can everything fixed in no time.

I got a new Dell laptop, how long is a warranty for it?

A Dell battery warranty is for one year which less than the laptop warranties. Well, the battery comes under the consumable category and if gets failed after one year you will need to pay to get it repaired. So, we suggest getting the warranty extended as soon as the warranty period gets expired. Warranty period plays role insurance if due to any reasons your battery fails to work, it will repair at affordable prices.

How can I get the warranty & ownership transferred?

You can request a warranty transfer if purchased a new or used Dell battery, sold it, moved to another country and need coverage for that region, request permanent address change for the battery with a service tag. Just visit the official Dell ownership transfer page & you will need to provide service tag, name & zip code and also the name & address to which warranty is being transferred to.

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Is it worth to buy an extended warranty for laptop?

Well, an extended warranty is really worth spending money on getting things repaired from outside. If you give your Dell laptop outside to the battery issues fixed, you never know how much they can charge for it, they steal any original part or issue occurs even after paying a lot. So, warranty extension is worth as it is affordable, reliable and gives peace of mind.