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Are you having issues regarding the warranty of your Dell Charger? Do you wish to get it replaced or repaired but not getting the right platform? Well, there are various online service providers that will promise to fix your issues but you never how reliable they are. Also, in the hustle-bustle of life, we try to get immediate assistance & fail to get it through the official Dell service providers.

Understanding the urgency of professional as well as personal users we are providing services related to Dell Adapter warranty. An adapter plays a very important role & one can never compromise when it starts creating issues. There can be various reasons behind unresponsive charger like AC adapter LED is off, isn’t it charging the battery, Adapter’s type isn’t determined or identified by the PC or other AC adapter related errors. A laptop’s charger is accessed to provide enough power for operating the laptop for an extended period & recharge the battery. When the AC adapter fails to work, it will neither charge the laptop battery nor offer power to operate the laptop PC without battery power. In such cases, you need an expert’s help to get the right guidance. If the warranty of your charger has expired & you want to extend it then we are always available to help you.

Dell Charger warranty

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    Adapter cable & power cable can anytime get frayed or cut. It may be due to the way the cable is wrapped around the AC adapter or it got cut by Rats. If you find the severe damage then you should discontinue using the AC adapter. In order to check the AC adapter, cables & adapter port on the laptop for any damages, consider the following:

  • Unplug the charger of your laptop from the power outlet.
  • Unplug the same from your system.
  • Check the AC adapter & cables for any signs of overheating or physical damage.
  • Also, see if the pin inside the plug or adapter port is bent, broken or damaged.

If the any damage is found that need expert’s assistance then you seek our help using our Email services. Just send your queries & get any Dell laptop charger warranty problem fixed instantly. We are available 24/7 to assist you in the effective and satisfactory way. We follow all professional ethics and provide affordable services. No matter how major or minor your issues, we are always to help with fruitful results.

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If you face any inconvenience to reach us using the email services then you can converse with our Live Chat experts. They are available 24/7 to assist you and provide the necessary information you need regarding the Dell charger warranty & its related issues.

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Questions & Answers

Is it possible to transfer the warranty?

There are many users who sell their Dell products even if the product is under warranty. If you have purchased any used charger then extended warranty can be transferred. Yes, you can anytime transfer the warranty on the systems, if the current owner transfers ownership of the system & records the same with us.

What will be done if my Dell charger is defective?

If your charger is under limited warranty that official Dell provides, then it will be repaired, replaced or you will get a refund if the product is defective. The refund will be the same as the purchase price. But to get any of these services, you must have proof of purchase like purchase order, invoice or sales receipt. It is informed that limited warranty doesn’t apply to failure of charger from misuse, abuse, accident, incorrect environments neglect or mishandling, improperly adjusted or maintained drives, or wear from ordinary use.

What are the advantages of Dell’s extended warranty?

It’s always beneficial to get the warranty extended of your Charger. But when you start facing technical issues & your warranty gets expires that where extension and renewal helps. It’s always cost-effective and affordable to get the warranty extended rather than repair or replacement. Also, you can get it done from home without wasting time & energy to go out and get things fixed.

What is covered under the Dell warranty extension?

If you choose to get a warranty plan extended, any hardware defect in materials and workmanship in your Charger will be repaired. It also includes the peripheral products of Dell. When the charger isn’t working anymore, you dropped it unintentionally, it’s overheating, power surge caused electric shock or anything else happens that damaged charger, don’t’ worry. Everything gets repaired for free if you are under warranty.

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How to reach the experts to get the warranty extended?

If you want to purchase any warranty extension or renewal plan, you just need to provide some mandatory information. Fill out the form given on our website, providing information like serial number of your charger, your name, contact number, and email address. As you submit this information, our experts will call you immediately and answer you queries satisfactorily.