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If you are running a business online & use Dell computer frequently, then monitor must be a prominent thing. But what to do if your Dell computer’s monitor starts creating problems & its warranty got expired? With time & usage, you may start experiencing hardware or software related errors. No matter how adverse your situation is, reach us via Live Chat services for any Dell screen warranty related issues. You will be helped to extend the warranty time period. When all the doors for seeking help get closed, our 24/7 services are there for you!

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    Get Dell Display warranty extended with expert’s help

    We are well aware of the extra care our electronic devices demands! But many of us fail to do so in hustle-bustle of life. You don’t even realize when the warranty period of your monitor expires until it starts creating issues. So, if you are among those users then this is right platform to get warranty of your Dell monitor extended. You can’t every time visit the stores outside and get your problems fixed. That’s why we provide all Dell monitor warranty period related services. Let your computer of any model or version, if it’s Dell, we are here to serve you. No matter how complex your queries are, you can always get a solution from our well-trained experts. Are you wondering how? Just send your issues to our mailbox & get your warranty related queries resolved. Follow the tips given below:

  • To Check Warranty Status: There are users who don’t even know how to check the warranty status and they end up frustrating. Well, you just need to enter the Service tag or let Dell’s automated tool detect the service tag for you. If you are unable are still unable to do so, then our team will help you find it.

We would like to inform that if you have recently purchased a used Dell monitor then also you can get the warranty extended. We serve our customers for every Dell monitor warranty claim related issues via Live Chat services. So, what are you waiting for? Avoid going out or wasting your time & energy, just get your questions answered by reaching our technicians.

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Questions & Answers

Why extended warranties for Dell monitor are necessary?

We all like our Monitor to keep it safe and working for a longer period of time. If you get a warranty period of your Dell monitor extended, it will help beyond the warranty tenure to help maintain the product for a longer period. Warranty extension saves money in the long run and most importantly, it gives peace of mind.

Can I get the warranty extended one month before the expiry date?

If you just realized that the warranty period of your Dell monitor will expire after one month, then don’t worry. You can get it extended at affordable prices but getting it extended before one month is not possible. You need to wait for the standard warranty period to expire first.

How can I check the new extended warranty termination date?

If you purchase any warranty extension or renewal plan for your Dell monitor through us then you will be provided an invoice. In the invoice, you will get all the information regarding the plan you bought, including the expiry date. So, you can put a reminder of that date in your phone & get your warranty extended again.

Can I get the warranty of a Dell monitor transferred?

Yes, you can request a warranty transfer if you have recently bought a used Dell product. To do so, you need to visit the official webpage of the Dell Warranty & Ownership transfer page. There you need to provide the service tag and click Continue. Fill the details of the previous owner & yours too. Agree to the terms & conditions and the final confirmation page will appear.

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How the warranty extension can be useful?

Warranty extension of Dell monitor lets you minimize out-of-pocket expenses for unplanned repair due to things like electric shocks or surges, overheating, liquid spills, falls, etc. If the warranty period gets over and your monitor creates issues, you will have to pay each & every time it doesn’t work. But getting the warranty upgraded is easy, as you only need to pay once and you can relax for long.