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The motherboard is referred by various names like Referred as mb, mainboard, mboard, mobo, or system board. It is a printed circuit board & foundation of any computer. Imagine if the motherboard starts creating problem, WHAT WOULD BE THE CONSEQUENCES!

In this technical era where the computer plays a vital role in everyone’s life, no one can risk getting their motherboard failed. If you are having any problem with your Dell motherboard & found the warranty period expired, don’t worry! We are third party services providers that help Dell users to extend the warranty of motherboard in order to avoid extensive repair/replacement cost. We can easily get the Dell motherboard warranty period extended for you in no time. Even, you don’t have to move from your comfort of your home to get the warranty period extended! Just fill out the form available on our site regarding your queries & get immediate assistance.

Dell Motherboard Warranty Australia Cost

    Reasons to get a Dell Laptop motherboard warranty extended

  • Peace of mind: Hardware warranties & accidental damage protection services can literally add peace of mind. As always when you consider extended warranties, be sure to read the fine print about what is under warranty & what’s not! If you are still stressed, then reach us for help.
  • Technology is more expensive & challenging to fix: Getting a motherboard replaced can really be expensive! So, extended hardware warranties can really be a good idea, in order to save money. We provide warranties for different time periods too like one year, you can choose accordingly.
  • The motherboard is the lifeblood of your computer: Motherboard is the most important part of the laptop and if you mistakenly spill any liquor on your laptop or dropped it, then you MUST GET THE WARRANTY EXTENDED! Any negligence can even result in costs for the new devices.

The survival of your laptops & computers is worth the cost of a warranty. So, get timely warranties at affordable prices. To reach us you just need to provide some details of your device like your name, contact number, model of the device you need assistance and one of our technicians will call you in no time.

Get cost-effective services in the least time possible.

As mentioned above any hardware repair or replacement can be expensive. When you realize it too late to get the things fixed under warranty, we are here to serve you. Dell motherboard replacement cost can’t be afforded by everyone, if you choose to extend the warranty, it will surely gonna get you affordable services. Our technical representatives are geared up to provide immediate responses & services at minimal cost.

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Questions & Answers

How a motherboard’s warranty will be updated?

Once you have decided to buy a plan from us, you can just need to fill a form. This form will ask for some basic information like the model number of the monitor, serial number, your full name, phone number, and email address. After providing the information correctly, submit it and our technical representative will call you to answer our queries.

What gets covered under Dell's motherboard warranty renewal?

If you wish to update the warranty period of your Dell motherboard then you must know what the motherboard warranty extension covers. Any physical damage can be repaired for free once you purchase a warranty update plan. Also, if a motherboard fails to work because of some internal issues or accidental damage, you can get it fixed in no time.

How the motherboard warranty extension is a pocket-friendly idea?

Usually, whenever we face any issue with the motherboard we think to get it repaired/replaced outside. But going out, spending money on way, and getting things fixed can really be expensive and hectic. Our warranty plans are cost-effective & you just need to pay once. Once you have purchased the plans you get peace of mind.

How Dell Motherboard warranty can be transferred?

If you have bought the Dell monitor from someone and want to get the warranty period transferred then it’s possible. The current owner will have to transfer the ownership of the system & record the same with us. Also, if the owner gets the warranty extended, it will be transferred to you and again get extended based on your choice.

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Recent Answer

Will motherboard warranty extension or renewal be advantageous?

If you accidentally dropped your motherboard, it failed because of electrical shocks circuits, physical damage or excess heat, then with the Warranty extension or renewal plans you can get it fixed very easily. Just pay once for a warranty plan of your choice & you can relax for the whole time period you bought warranty for. The warranty extension is affordable & reliable rather giving your product for repair in untrustworthy repair stores.